Use Faux Stone Panels to Decorate

Selecting your décor can be difficult especially when you've chosen a look that could be troublesome to create, like when you want the look of a stone wall in a room. The obvious challenges with this type of project are the weight of the stones, hiring a stone mason and the cost of erecting a stone wall. There is a way around most of these issues. If you use faux stone panels, you can eliminate all of the issues.

Faux stone panels are made of polyurethane which weighs a fraction of the weight of actual stone. The panels are made to look like actual stone set in a wall. It is impossible to tell the stones aren't real from afar. They are visually realistic and resistant to wear and tear, heat, cold, moisture and sunlight. They are ideal for both interior and exterior use. Despite extreme weather, they won't crack, peel or fade over time. Lastly, the faux stone panels are impervious to insect and pests.

The decorative panels can be used to create an interesting finish on an outside wall of your home. They can also create a rustic look on the interior of a room or give a room some old world charm. Adding the look of a stone wall gives a room character. If the room was simply a painted drywall interior, the walls would be flat. Adding the texture of the stone wall helps to give the room some variety. It may be added to a single accent wall or portion of a wall or it could be added onto more than one wall in the room. Generally, when using stone panels, a portion of the wall or a whole wall is covered. Most people prefer to accent the room as opposed to covering all the room's walls with the panels.

The stone comes in many different styles. Stacked stone, river rock and random rock looks are among the many styles of stone panels available. Each panel is designed to appear as realistic as possible including variations in color and texture throughout each panel to mimic the real thing.

The panels come in sizes ranging from approximately 36" x 25" in 1" thick panels to 49" x 25" in 1" thick panels. They weigh about six and a half pounds, so they are easy to manipulate. Most panels are designed to interlock so that a seamless look can be created when installed. To install them, they are attached to interior walls using adhesive and nails or screws. They are attached to exterior walls using outdoor grade adhesive and galvanized screws.

A small degree of shrinkage may result when the panels are exposed to extreme heat for long periods of time. Always apply adhesive after making sure your walls are free of dust and dry to the touch. When installing the panels make sure they interlock as designed to eliminate gaps and insure a consistent seam free wall. Some caulking may be necessary when applying the panels to get a final seamless look.

When completely installed, these panels are designed to withstand extreme weather, heat, cold, wind and moisture. For a small investment change from ordinary to extraordinary. Instead of a flat painted wall use stone panels to create a new look in and on your home you can be proud of for years.